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7 Game-Changing Benefits of Social Media Monitoring

Your customers want to be heard. They are telling you everything you want to know about them but are you really listening? Unless you are closely monitoring social media, then chances are that you’re not listening as well as you could. The fact is that small businesses have the unique ability to interact with their customers on a much more personal level.

Small business owners will want to improve their customer relations by responding to incoming message and comments. If the customer takes the time to leave a comment or send a message, then they deserve at least a “thank you” in return. However, a study done back in 2016 revealed that only 9% of brands respond to their audience on Facebook.

That’s why social media monitoring is worth the investment. If you’re still not convinced, then here are 7 game-changing benefits of using this powerful tool.

Become a Better Listener

One of the main benefits of social media monitoring is that you can effectively measure and analyse your audience. To be a better listener, you need to understand the difference between listening and monitoring.

Social media monitoring is a tool that provides you with a single stream of social media messages so that it’s easy to take specific action to each message.

Social media listening is a tool that sorts through large amounts of social media data to identify specific keywords and hashtags so that you can draw information from specific types of messages.

Small businesses need to incorporate both approaches to their social media platforms in order to truly understand that their audience is after.

Become Approachable to Customers

Social media monitoring provides you with a way to provide the next customer support for your customers. By responding to your followers, you are proving that your business is approachable. Followers are them more inspired to leave feedback and communicate their needs with you. As we saw earlier, 91% of messages are ignored on Facebook so imagine the advantage you would get by being one of the 9% who respond.

Don’t Miss Anymore Important Messages

There are a lot of lost opportunities when companies ignore their followers. They are trying their best to tell you what they want so make sure you listen. Communication is a two-way street though so you can’t expect people to reveal important information if you ignore them. Social media monitoring makes sure you don’t miss important messages. It puts everything into a nice, organized place so that you can see these important messages.

Winning Back Lost Customers

Replying quickly to customers can mean the difference between them giving you a second chance, and losing them forever. In most cases, you can resolve the problem but even if you can’t, you still increase the chances of them coming back. Plus, it shows new customers that you do not ignore negative experiences, building trust.

Keep Your Social Media Campaigns Organised

The final three benefits all involve the most powerful feature of social media monitoring – its powerful organisational ability.

  • By tagging specific keywords, you are able to see the most relevant messages in a timely manner so that you can respond. That allows your team to respond quickly and efficiently.
  • Key customers are going to be your biggest fans. They are the people who boast about how amazing your brand is to their friends, family, and anyone else they meet. These people are essential to building powerful campaigns because they will share your message.

Social media monitoring is not limited to your brand. You should also listen to your audience speak about competitors so that you can learn from their mistakes.  

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