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7 Practical Tools To Help You Start Your Video Marketing Campaigns Today

Video marketing and advertising are one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to advertise your product in this day and age where social internet networks and websites reign supreme. According to studies, the human brain processes videos 60 thousand times faster than just text. This shows the level of effectiveness that video will bring into your advertisements. However, you will need to make sure that you have the most practical tools available to you so that your content stands out. Here are the seven most practical tools you could use to help your video marketing campaigns today.

1) Camera:

Production value is one of the most important features required to create a decent video. Of course, your video does not have to be at the Hollywood level, but at least it shouldn’t seem like it was shot on the phone.
To start off, one thing that you absolutely require before proceeding with video editing tools is a good camera with the perfect lens. Although, it can be a little expensive, investing in a decent camera will make sure that whatever you record is of the highest quality and that its quality won’t be diminished while editing and working with the available footage. But a good camera is useless if the video made from it is not up to standard so, you should also consider hiring professionals or if you are on a budget, you can also hire college media students as interns.


2) VideoPad:

Now that we have the basic requirement out of the way, the next thing to do is edit the footage that you have recorded, and one of the best programs to use is the VideoPad. It features functionality like quick exporting; exporting in 4K video quality and automatic video stabilization that many consider to be premium yet it provides all these features for free. VideoPad also provides users with the feature of color scheme controlling and it is one of the most highly recommended and highly rated video editing programs in the market.


3) Flipagram:

This tool is built especially for people looking to promote their content on social networking sites like Instagram or Facebook. It can stitch together different photos to create a short video. You can also add a music track behind the stitched video to give your content a dramatic effect that will surely catch the eyes of the viewers.


4) Quik:

Another great lightweight yet brilliant app to create attractive content is Quik. It features various templates and video themes as an option to add filters to your videos. It is an easy to use app that can create beautiful and eye-catching content with a few taps and boasts social network integration which is far better and quicker than any other app out there. Quik is an app that is specially designed for users that edit their videos on the go, and many mobile users consider it to be the best mobile video editing application. By the use of Quik, the perfectly edited video is just a few mobile taps away.


5) Wideo:

Wideo is a program not many know about but is easily one of the best tools to use if you are looking to get into video marketing. While it pretty much does what the other apps do like having different video templates and filters, what stands this app out is the ability to add your own designed logos and graphics into your video. Although you have to pay to get the tool’s full experience, it’s free version still allows you to create videos up to 45 seconds.

6) Filmora Video Editor:

Filmora Video Editor is a program that has hundreds of features; yet, still is considered a lightweight program that doesn’t strain out your computer’s memory. It provides features like FaceOff and adding motion effects to your videos that aren’t available on other programs. Filmora has a unique option of recording your computer screen live and editing it directly in the program while also coming with standard green screen recording and editing feature. The update, Femora 8.6 is expected to be released shortly and many new features will be introduced into it.

Filmora Video Editor

7) PowToon:

Everyone currently in the video marketing industry is familiar with PowToon. It’s a free program that lets you create animated videos and edit them with your choice of soundtrack and much more. It has hundreds of different video templates, and if that’s not enough, it lets you create your video template absolutely free of cost. Also, animated videos make it really easy to explain difficult concepts

PowToon Video Editor

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