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How to Generate Content Hyping Ideas To Involve Fresh Audience

Anyone who has worked in marketing knows the importance of creating content that is not only relevant to the current times but also synonymous with the happenings around. Focusing on current affairs is one of the primary parameters to be considered while creating content – whether it is a text-based article or a video or even a meme. Marketing managers around the world study mainstream and social media to understand what’s trending at the moment. It should thus be no surprise to know that summertime is when people get more active on the internet. And that’s when brands should hit. With enough free, leisure time in their hands, they stay online for longer, giving a wider window for companies to market their creations.

See how film studios release their biggest films during the summer? Well, blame it on the season. Here are seven primary avenues which can be taken advantage of while researching trends. As brand managers, it is up to them to notice what’s more clickable so that they can sample it on their own marketing strategies.

Look at the Blockbusters

For companies that are associated with the entertainment industry, it is essential to take a look at what Hollywood is doing in the summertime. What kind of films are they releasing? What films have got more hype from the media? All these answers can aid in creating a strategy that turns more heads.

For example, every year, Hollywood releases at least one big budget superhero flick during the summer season. If a brand wants to cash in on the hype of this particular superhero film, it can take the help of the central hero and create content. How about a listicle that that deals with superhero playing a conventional role of an ordinary human being? Since it is already hype, getting visitors to the website will be easier.

Social Media Trends

Social media sites like Twitter have become so integral to the core of marketing that having an eye on their trends at all times is imperative. Running an effective social media campaign that converts potential readers into visitors or customers is not easy. But creating content that is linked to the current social trends can increase the click through rate (CTR).

If a certain topic of national interest is trending on Twitter, content managers can create content surrounding this topic. For instance, if a recent tweet by US President Donald Trump is making news around the world, online features magazines can use this topic to create an editorial and share it on their social media handles with the right hashtags. The probability of gaining more viewers is more.

Focus on the Tinseltown

Relevant for online celebrity magazines and tabloids, keeping a close eye on celebrity news is important. The general public love to read saucy insider news about who’s who and are always on the lookout for scoops to pass their time. If a certain famous couple is experiencing a rocky situation in their relationship. It is a good time for the magazine to take note and write a feature.

Please note that all journalistic codes are maintained while writing such a story. Being civil and respectful will yield more readers and a positive reception from them.

The perfect example of this idea is to see how magazines and online publication around the world took the opportunity of a recent story about a band front man’s demise. Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington’s death came in as a surprise. And people around the world in the social media mourned for his loss. Billboard, the popular US magazine about music, created a video paying tribute to the rocker singer, gaining more viewers than ever.

“Some Dank Memes”

The number of memes circulating in websites such as 4chan and Reddit has gone astronomically up. It only shows how relevant they are, especially to its primary target audience: the millennials. Brands around the use memes to market their products and services, and it is high time this becomes a norm.

There are hundreds and hundreds of meme ideas to choose from. But be wary of the ones that are racist and insensitive.

What’s Up with Technology?

Tech conferences by Google, Apple, and other companies and organizations are watched and talked about by millions of people. They talk about new gadgets, new ideas, and new features and try to compare it with old ones. So, for a magazine that deals with tech, these are the right times to be more vocal. Publish more content related to these conferences and gadget premieres and see how there is a spike in the number of visitors.

Video Games

Video games is another huge industry and a favorite among internet users. Games like Skyrim and Grand Theft Auto (GTA) find daily mentions in online gaming communities. Marketing managers can use this sentiment to create content to attract relevant visitors.

For instance, the latest version of Crash Bandicoot has been regarded as one of the most difficult games to play. It makes sense for a magazine associated with the gaming industry to write about this game at the moment than talk about GTA IV that released years ago.

YouTube Trends

As important as text-based content, creating videos (and GIFs) is also something that marketers can tap into. Thousands of videos are uploaded every day, which are viewed by millions of people a billion times, making it an avenue that can convert a lot of potential online visitors into customers. Video content, especially those found on YouTube, are even search-engine friendly and are more capable of converting than text-based articles or images.

These are the primary avenues that one can use to generate hyping ideas in the summertime. The best thing about these avenues is that most of them will still be relevant in the next many years. Both brand managers and content creators should pay attention to these trends. And avenues because people on the internet are always online these days and they are hanging in these places.

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