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Google Fred Update – What You Need to Know

In latest turn of events, a new update rocked Digital Marketing World! A new update termed as ‘Google Fred’, has left the webmasters all over world with. Too many assumptions and predictions on what are the actual reasons behind fluctuations in organic Traffic.

The Google Fred, which started to roll out on 8th March, 2017 showed a major drop in organic traffic of low-quality contents based websites. Going by the name ‘Fred’, the Google (even as they didn’t confirm it), has pushed towards the better content demand for the websites owners.

Traffic Decline with Google Fred Update

Several questions started to boggle in the minds like ‘Did Google’s Fred update hit low-value content sites. Sites that focus on revenue, not users?’ and many such. As of now, Google didn’t approve the validity of the update named as Google Fred, which saw many sites dropping their organic traffic as much as around 90%.

Here is snapshot to prove the drastic change in the traffic (As shared by several webmasters).

analytics data
Image Source : seoroundtable

Analysis of Websites for Google Fred Update

As analyzed by several webmasters, mostly content sites, which features several topics based contents and were written primarily for the ranking purpose and never intended to provide the readers useful information, saw a drastic drop in traffic in their organic category.

Most of these blog websites were focused on validating Google Adsense. And generating revenue through the affiliate models or lead generations and other such. All those websites saw the rapid drop in the website traffic ranging from 50% to 90% and can be considered as a rapid organic traffic drop.

Upon deep analysis, it was found that the websites bearing such contents were wrapped under the ads. And these ads were, in fact, difficult to differentiate from the content.

Here are some snapshots of tracking tools which showing significant updates also




Removal of ads and recovery

There were some webmasters who on the experimental basis removed the ads featuring on websites and saw the organic traffic recovery.

Factors to keep in mind

If you are hit by Google Fred, here are some factors which you can keep in mind.

  • Content Quality over Content quantity
  • The quality of backlinks matters the most in comparison to the quantity of links
  • Try to avoid sitewide dofollow links as it can take a nosedive any time in future
  • Relevancy adds great value to each link and thus you must check if the backlink to be created is actually relevant to the context
  • It is advised that you don’t need to always stick to Moz Domain authority to analyze the value of a backlink and use your common sense in predicting the effect of backlink
  • Go for the Gold (Try to earn backlinks). Don’t focus on easy achievement of backlinks and try to target high quality and harder to achieve backlinks websites
  • Bring diversity in Anchor text. You need to build a natural anchor text cloud, which includes brand name, naked URLs, generic words and business keywords
  • Avoid link pyramids techniques, link exchange and paid links techniques
  • Stop using automated tools or bots to create backlinks


In a conclusion, we can safely say that with all analysis and research it can be said that the Google Fred targeted low value content sites that focused on generating revenues and never intended to bring in quality information to the readers.

While, some websites whose purpose was not focused on ‘to generate ad revenue over help users’ got a hit along with the many websites whose sole purpose was to generate ad revenue over help users, it can be concluded that Google Fred has shown its presence in a very strong manner to websites owners.

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