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How Can Email Automation Help You to Nurture Your Leads?

Ever you have been to a shop for buying clothes, what you do? See the dresses and buy it. Obviously No. We see it, check the brand, try it, compare with other choices and then we decide to take it. So, the whole lead conversion process can decide into two stages.

  • Consideration stage
  • Decision-making stage

So, people go through the consideration stage and then after getting satisfied they come to the decision-making stage and walk happily out of the shop.

This is how the market works and that’s how leads nurturing campaign works. It gives your prospect a clear vision of your brand and helps them in traveling from the consideration stage to the decision-making stage.

74% of companies say converting leads into customers is their top priority.

top marketing priorities

Email automation can help you in nurturing your leads and converting them into paying customers.

What Is Email Automation?

Email automation is the most attractive and engaging technique of email marketing which gives you the way to send your emails to your customer at designated times.

Using this technique you need not send emails individually, it will help you in saving time by setting a platform by which you can send emails to your customers when they take specific steps.

It may sound quite robotic to you, but in actuality, it can help you in connecting with your customers closely and creating a brand awareness.

Email automation (64%) is top automation technique used by companies.

automation techniques

  • Email Automation can provide a better ROI and saves time as compared to the writing emails personally.
  • It creates a brand awareness among people and keeps them reminding you. It is an easy and fast way to keep in touch with your customers.
  • It helps in segmenting your customers with their age, place, gender, etc.

Now you must be thinking when to use automation

Different business has different requirements and hence need different automation techniques to keep their customers engaged.

Here are some of the situation where you can shoot your automated emails:

When a subscriber signs up for your email list

  • Welcome Emails

An email series for providing information

  • Tutorials
  • Classes
  • Webinars

Annual messages

  • Birthday
  • Anniversary
  • Membership anniversary

Website activity

  • When specific links clicked

Following up on a purchase

  • Follow up after purchase
  • Follow up after cart abandonment


  • Feedback forms

Email Automation can help your business in nurturing your leads by keeping your customers engaged. Here you’ll find, 3 proven ways that they can use to nurture leads:

1. Welcome Emails

A welcome email is the first face of your email automation. It’s the most important part of creating the first conversation with new subscribers and needs to send when someone first opts for your services. You can send a series of welcome emails but the first one need to sent as soon as a person sign up for you. This gives an amazing feeling to your subscribers and creates a brand enhancement. Welcome emails see more than 3x transaction and revenue per email over regular promotional emails.

Take a look at this email from Scribd:
email from Scribd

2. Follow Up Emails

Follow up emails are the crucial part of Email Automation which needs to be sent when a customers make a purchase. It can be in the form of simple Thank you, order summary or reminder emails. You can send this email in the form of invoice of the recent purchase or discount for next purchase or even asking them to connect with your brand and other channels.

Take a look at this email from Michael Hyatt.
Follow Up Emails

3. Cart Abandonment Emails

These are the most revenue-boosting emails. It helps customers know that where they have their shopping in between. It will help them in recollecting the things they were looking for. Most of the people leave their shopping in between due to some reason. According to Baymard Institute, 69.23% of online shopping carts are abandoned.

Cart abandonment emails are a great opportunity to getting them back by providing irresistible offers.
Cart abandonment emails

Wrapping up

Email automation in a lead nurturing campaign can help you in understanding the concern of your prospects immediately. You can follow the journey of your customers from consideration stage until decision-making stage and this can improve their experience as well. By monitoring your campaigns, you can also understand your customer’s lifecycle stage.

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