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How to Make Your Customers Feel Great and Improve Customer Service

“The best marketing strategy ever: CARE” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Do you ever think what your customers feel about “YOU”?

Today, marketing is not about sales pitches, it’s all about building relationships with your customers.

Nurturing relationships with the customers is all important to building a long and continued trust with them to improve the sales and even make them a brand ambassador of your business, virtually.

It should be your FIRST priority to make your customers feel great and provide them a great customer service.

Any satisfied customer offers your business a mouth publicity option, and act as a highly beneficial asset for your business.

Making customers feel great and imbibing a sense among them, that you really care about them, is the most important thing, which you can do for your business.

What exactly is customer service?

Here’s the definition from

Customer service is the act of taking care of the customer’s needs by providing and delivering professional, helpful, high quality service and assistance before, during, and after the customer’s requirements are met.

Always keep a fact that any unsatisfied customers can negatively publicize your business and remember that negativity spreads faster; thus affecting your business sales hugely.

To provide a good customer service you don’t need to do the special things, you just have to take care of their needs and solve their problems. Period!

Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos said,
“Customer service shouldn’t just be a department, it should be the entire company.”

Let’s access some statistics to know how important customer service is:

82% of people have stopped doing business with a company due to bad customer service. (Zendesk)

It takes 12 positive experiences to repair the damage caused by a single unresolved negative one. (Forbes)

On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. (Salesforce)

On average, happy customers tell nine people about their experiences with a company. (Groove)

It costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than to keep an existing one. (Invesp)

So as you see customer service and experience is the new marketing.

Here are some ways to make your customers feel great and improve customer service. Take a look:

Interact with them genuinely and treat them as assets

Customers are assets to the company and must be handled with great care. Interact with them genuinely and try to build a good relationship with them.

Talk to your customers just like you talk to people and don’t try your gratitude as you are in the press release. Be frank and talk to them in a genuine manner.

Solve all concerns of the customers genuinely and always look for the satisfactory solutions for your clients.

Don’t act as a nameless or faceless person and address your customers by a genuine introduction of yourself.

Hear to their needs and demands

In order to provide your customers with the best solutions for your services and products, you need to hear the demands and needs of the customers.

Listen to their needs and demands and try to satisfy them with the best services at offer. Show patience with your customers in listening to their demands and needs and show a sign of gratitude towards your customers.

Keep patience with the customers and this is the key to the best beginning of the customer-business relationship.

Always remember that the more satisfied is the customer in meeting the demands and needs of theirs, the more powerful rating, you will be liable to get. Your services and products ratings entirely depend on your customers.

Offer your customers ongoing services & products and other specials

The first point of dissatisfaction of your customers is the dissatisfaction in the services and products as availed by them and offered by you.

Thus, try to improve your services and products and offer your customers ongoing services and products and other specials, meeting satisfaction.

Offer them a full support over all communication channels available for your customers and give them bets offers and deals to bring in more happy faces for your business.

Alert Customers to Large Scale Changes

Remain on Toe to alert Customers to large scale changes. Try to notify your customers either through emails or any other platforms, you are using to furnish all needed information and to the policy changes and any major changes related to your working ways and services & Products changes.

Be Transparent and Admit to Mistakes

Nobody is perfect and one commits mistakes while delivering various services and Products. Be open to committing such mistakes.

Always be ready to apologize, if the mistakes are done from your side and look forwards for the amendment to changes as required.

Be transparent in your working ways, and step up to take the responsibility to your mistakes.

The customers are part and partial of any business and all businesses need customers for functioning and sales.

The customers are the only way to the success of any business and to beat out any competitors in the market, you need the customers and their valuable reviews and genuine suggestions!

Atit Shah

Atit Shah is a Digital Marketing Specialist and founder of Digiblogic. He is a foodie who loves Social Media, e-commerce marketing, traveling and photography. Digital marketing is his true passion and is something he has been obsessed with. Find him on Linkedin.