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How to Improve the Performance of Your Magento Store

How to Improve the Performance of Your Magento Store

A good number of business operators use Magento to set up their E-commerce websites and sell their products/services. Due to a number of factors such as the rapidly changing mood of online shoppers, a sudden change in Google’s algorithm, the swiftly changing status of goods and services, etc, it is always difficult for E-commerce website operators to maintain the high performance of their sites.

If you operate a Magento E-commerce website and are not satisfied with its performance, then you can utilize the below-mentioned tips to accelerate the outcome of your site tremendously:

1. Increase your site’s visibility on all search engines

Search engines tend to display authentic results to users in a bid to improve their experience. As a result, they look for websites having relevant offerings for users.

When an E-commerce website is displayed on the first page of search engines, it receive traffic and generate sales. That is why; all marketers exercise the different practices of SEO to gain visibility, more visitors and ROI as far as possible.

You need to implement the various practice of SEO to help the search engines to find your site. In general, you can do the following to keep getting immense traffic to your E-store:

  • Update your website, its blog and social media pages with unique, high-quality and useful content at regular interval,
  • Keep the site structure simple and straightforward,
  • Make sure users don’t have any navigation problem on your website and all of its pages are easily accessible,
  • Update product descriptions from time-to-time,
  • Make sure you place your main keywords in your content, page URL, alt-text of images, title tag, meta-descriptions, and at other places. This will lift your site’s ranking in search engines and people will easily find your content.
  • Pay special attention to link building and Email marketing to expand the clout of your E-commerce site easily in all directions in a short duration of time.

2. Make your E-Store mobile-friendly

Now people are using various mobile devices, watches, gaming devices, laptops, tablets, and computers to access websites. So, if your website is not optimized to be viewed on several devices, you may lose a big share of traffic and sales that originate from different sources.

When you make your website mobile-friendly, it allows users to purchase your products easily by browsing your site through mobile devices. It will help you to receive more traffic to your site, increase the readership of your content, boost sales and provide a greater exposure to your business rapidly.

3. Make your website fast

The loading speed of your website is a crucial factor that determines whether the users will access your site or not. Users want websites to load quickly on all devices. If your site is slow, they leave it without making any delay. Even search engines like faster websites and display them prominently in search results.

Search engines punish slow loading websites with a low ranking. It may spoil your E-commerce business up to a great extent. You should take all possible steps that could make your site fast such as deleting unnecessary website database, image optimization, compressing your files, etc.

4. Use extensions carefully

There are several thousands of free and premium Magento extensions that play a big role in the establishment and successful working of Magento stores. They allow you to meet the specific functional needs of your E-store and increase its functionalities. However, you must look at the other aspects as well.

Installing and using several Magento extensions on your E-commerce website can make it slow and may suffer your business too. You should use only those Magento extensions which help you to expedite your work and increase the performance of your site. Delete all extensions that you don’t use regularly.

5. Use reliable hosting company

A reliable and cost-effective hosting provider is the backbone of successful websites. Generally, most of the E-commerce website operators host their website on shared servers to cut their operational cost. But shared hosting has a reputation for being unreliable because of high vulnerability to various online security risks, slow speed, frequent downtimes, etc. When your E-commerce website has these problems, shoppers will stop visiting your site and you will suffer a great loss to your business.

To avoid such troublesome hassles, consider hosting your website on a dedicated or cloud server. It will make your site fast, protect it from online security threats, providing SSL Certificate and will have fewer downtimes, which means you will get traffic to your site without any problem and chances of lead generation are amplified.

6. Use a CDN

A content delivery network is a network of distributed servers of a website. It is used to help users to access the site’s content quickly based on their geographical location. It releases pressure from the main server of your site, makes your site relatively fast and contributes a lot to increase its performance.

Final Words

To Operate a Magento store successfully and maintain its high performance, you need to imply a number of measures. You can use the above-mentioned tips to ensure the optimal performance of your Magento site and achieve your final goals with great comfort.

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