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Marketer’s Success: 5 Tips for Leveraging Cloud Solutions for Marketing

The data on the cloud is accessible at any time from anywhere. All the user needs is a connected device.

The cloud is much more than a storage solution – complex software and systems are available as cloud-based options.

Marketing platforms are among those systems.

Cloud Solutions Improve Marketing

There are obvious benefits of using cloud-based practices/software for your marketing purposes.

Some of the most widely used options include Salesforce, Hubspot’s Marketing Hub and AgilOne’s Predictive Marketing Cloud.

What can such solutions do for your marketing efforts?

  • Businesses and marketers can reduce costs. They no longer have to purchases licenses for in-house software or have hardware solutions to analyze vast amounts of marketing data.
  • Even for non-technical individuals and businesses, it’s easy to work with these solutions because they are beginner and user-friendly.
  • Marketing cloud solutions have automatic maintenance and updates. This frees business owners from having to worry about it on their own.
  • Cloud-based marketing solutions enable businesses to scale up much easier.

Some individuals have concerns about the cloud aspect of such solutions.

The most pressing concerns include security and a loss of data, especially since stricter regulations like the GDPR are being actively enforced now. Keep in mind there are definite ways to protect data and be compliant.

How to Leverage Cloud Solutions for Marketing

Any imagined risks pale compared to the benefits that marketers can realize when leveraging the cloud for marketing purposes.

#1 Use The Cloud for Marketing Automation
These cloud solutions allow you to automate many processes that you had to do manually before, set up triggers for actions and actively monitor campaigns and tweak them.

# 2 Use The Cloud for Your Remote Work
One of the biggest benefits of modern technology is that it enables people to create a mobile office location from anywhere in the world.

You can employ marketing experts from anywhere in the world, and the marketing cloud solutions you use will help them work from their homes as efficiently as from the office, if not more.

#3 Share Information with Anyone, Anywhere, Effortlessly
The cloud will secure your data, and data sharing becomes as simple as sending the other party a link. This eliminates having to send large files.

You will have complete control over who actually has access, and whether it’s permanent, one-time use, or time-limited.

#4 Store Any Type of File Imaginable in The Cloud
These files can include video, audio, text content, or images. These are files that take up significant space on any hard drive.

You can free up your local system and store mega files in the cloud. This can save you time and money, and it can enable you to keep the files you need to access daily on your computer.

#5 Grow Your Business Without Having to Make a Substantial Investment Upfront
Marketing cloud services will allow you to start out small. Most have free options for small businesses or trial versions.

You can gradually increase usage and pay at any point along the way.

Best Options for Managing Cloud-Based Marketing Work

For cloud-computing infrastructures, there are three types of cloud-computing options.

These include Software-as-a-Service (Saas), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). Cloud-based marketing belongs to SaaS solutions.

These solutions should be able to integrate with your company’s existing IT structure, and with other cloud solutions you might already be using:

  • The private cloud allows you to work within an environment that pools computing resources. A private cloud is often maintained on-premise, and it offers specific features based on the organization’s needs.
  • Multiple organizations can share a community cloud. It is still private in nature.
  • Organizations with common interests and business goals and objectives often favor this type of cloud. There can be requirements set up for compliance that may include certain policies and security features.
  • A private party can manage this type of cloud, or participating businesses can oversee management.
  • The general public is most familiar with the public cloud. Applications and data remain in control of the service provider. However, individuals and organizations can own and manage their stored data.
  • A hybrid cloud service can be a combination of public, community, or private cloud services mentioned.

Companies can use the software solution that best suits their business agenda. Their business teams can connect via any desktop application or Web browser. Work management options become simplified.

The Cloud Offers Future Enabling

The cloud offers scalability and gives smaller companies room to play on a competitive playing field.

With respect to the growth of the Internet of Things, the amount of data that companies collect and work with is mind-staggering. Big data is driving business development.

The companies that can collect, harness, and analyze this data are the ones who can realize the most gains.

Cloud computing is one of the most cost-effective ways of storing and processing unimaginable quantities of data. You don’t have to do it on your own anymore.

Look to Training and Support

If your business is not already on the cloud, you can seek training and support. The only way that cloud-based solutions and apps can benefit your operations is if you know how to use the solutions in a proper way.

Find marketing cloud solutions that can show proof of successful track records and are best suited for your needs. The right marketing cloud system can help elevate your business to its next level of success.

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