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Shoppers Psychology Online and Offline

Shoppers Psychology Online and Offline (Infographic)

Consumer behavior is a science of its own. And what you learn might just shock you.

Did you notice how some banks and financial service providers opt for a blue color scheme? Yep, that’s a conscious color selection, made to earn your trust.

In fact, all the senses play a major role in manipulating shoppers’ psychology, and smart businesses like Amazon and Groupon have known this since the very beginning. Whether it’s offering an attractive discount with a Groupon promo code or a great deal on express shipping, there are countless ways to influence shoppers into purchasing your product. If you are a marketing professional, running a business, or are simply a branding enthusiast, peel your eyes for some shockers.

The buying process is a complex one, with the customer’s brain making choices which, at first glance, might seem hard to interpret. But there’s an art to this madness. The Nicosia model, for instance, walks you through the shopper’s mind from the very first phase to the last. And mind you, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to understand the shopper. There are at least six types of shoppers, characterized by their own personalities and quirks.

If this wasn’t enough, there are also notable differences between online and offline shopping behavior. Take product reviews, for example. Although important for offline stores, these can be make-or-break for an online retailer, since decision making on the internet is heavily reliant on reviews.

The world’s biggest brands such as Apple and Victoria’s Secret have deployed some smart strategies to influence shoppers. Check out the tricks of the trade and you might become a sales maestro yourself.

Shoppers Psychology Online and Offline

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