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Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Archive Text Messages

It is impossible not to describe the modern office without mentioning the smartphones and other mobile devices. In fact, data from Osterman Research indicated that about one-third of the typical information personnel day is spent working on a mobile device, which predominantly includes activities like sending or receiving text messages. This is in line with the proliferation of mobile device in the workplace. 28% of employees use a company-issued smartphone and 36% use a personal smartphone for work-related tasks.

With that in mind, many organizations have realized the need for a platform that will help them track and keep all work-related messages that are being sent through their network and by the company- or employee-owned devices. This is to ensure that no sensitive corporate correspondences will be lost and that every employee and the company can be held accountable in case they get into a legal battle.

To delve more deeply into this topic, here are the major key points from the infographic below provided by TeleMessage, discussing the top reasons text message archiving should be part of your core business strategy.

1. Regulatory Compliance – Several industries have rules and regulations which require organizations to hold and produce documents containing sensitive information. Such documents include financial statements, emails, employee records, and communications with customers including text messages.

2. Supporting Court Case and eDiscovery – The requirements of Federal Rules of Civil Procedure state that an organization has the obligation to search and produce electronic content, including text messages.

3. End-user Self-service – Text message archiving helps improve productivity and lower IT expenses by allowing employees to access important messages containing work-related information without the need for a special request to access them on a live server.

4. Retention of Corporate Memory – A mobile text archiving platforms provides the ability to retain the relevant information needed to build your organization’s history.

Check out the infographic below to learn more.

Top Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Archive Text Messages

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