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Traditional Advertising Methods

Traditional Advertising Methods That Still Work for your Business

This is the era of the internet. Businesses more likely to invest in online advertising methods. It’s a good decision.

With the advancement in technological aspects, the business owners are trying to adopt new ways to the better promotion of their business.

Marketers spend millions of dollars on new advertising ways, tricks, and techniques. Entrepreneurs are spending days and nights in their efforts in improving themselves in new ways like website design and development, Search engine optimization and other marketing tactics.

But some of the traditional advertising methods are still effective for your business. You can’t afford to ignore these tactics.

“Traditional advertising dead” – isn’t true! It is very much alive. It’s still one of the most effective and efficient ways of reaching the mass audience – that’s why it’s also called mass media.

Wondering what is traditional marketing? Here’s the definition from Marketing-Schools:

“Traditional marketing is a rather broad category that incorporates many forms of advertising and marketing. It’s the most recognizable types of marketing, encompassing the advertisements that we see and hear every day. Most traditional marketing strategies fall under one of four categories: print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone.”

Maybe you will ask I have an online business then I don’t need it. But traditional advertising provides you a lot of opportunities.

According to a study, 72% of people deemed traditional sources as more trustworthy in comparison to new digital age sources.

According to a survey conducted by Adobe, 47% of respondents believed traditional forms of advertising were effective, while only 18% thought the same about company websites.


The best thing? This advertising enables you to interact with real people in real time.

In this article, you’ll discover 5 old school but effective traditional advertising methods that you can integrate into your marketing strategy to improve your marketing ROI.

  1. Billboards/Display Banners

One of the ways that belong to the category of the traditional advertising methods, the billboards/display banners are considered one of the quick attention grasping of the potential customers for the business.

These are one of the quickest methods in getting connected with the people as these tend to be available at the roadside and busy streets. Since, they are placed on roads and streets, where people travel usually on a daily basis; they tend to create a memorable aspect of any business within minds.

The attractive billboard design is very hard to miss and it attracts people’s attention. Check out this brilliant example from McDonald’s:


Another beneficial aspect of billboards and road banners is that you can even reach to the most remote locality, where reaching to the target customers is almost impossible through other means.

  1. Radio Advertising

Even in this digital era, people love to hear the radio. Radio still rules the people because there are a number of channels are available out there. It can be an attractive advertising option for your business.

Radio is the second-most powerful medium in the United States, reaching 59 percent of the country’s population each day.

Gone are the days, when a single radio channel was the only choice. Now with the availability of several radio bands, the options are more widespread for any business to slowly whisper through the ears of the potential customers.

  1. Newspaper and magazine advertising

Maybe you have heard this phrase, “Print media is dead”. While the print media have declined to a certain number, there are still some lovers of the printed version of the news.

For older classes of educated, and wealthier people, the newspapers and magazines are still the preferred option in comparison to the digital version of the news.

You must keep a fact in mind that the relevant advertisement through newspapers and magazines are never considered intrusive, but are considered as an addition to the publications.

Magazine advertising can offer an ROI of 79%, expanding to 177% over 12 months. (Source)

Business cards and brochures also can be effective methods for your branding and advertising.

  1. TV Advertising

TV really hasn’t gone anywhere. TV Advertising has been playing a vital role for the businessmen ever since its launch. Brands spend millions of dollars on TV ads.

Earlier, were the days, the number of channels was a few and the concept of advertising was limited to just the ads in the middle of programs.

With the advancement in technology and the growing number of channels, the idea of the promotion on these channels increased considerably and promotion in the form of advertisement and got a new lease of life.

According to a recent Nielsen survey, more people watch the Super Bowl for the advertising (51%) than for the game (49%) itself.

  1. Cold Calling

Making cold calls for the business is still a viable option for many. Put together a list of potential customers and call them.

Building a healthy conversation with the customers can be a fruitful option for many businesses in a long term. Making cold calls seem to be more inclined towards the sales, but still, it’s considered to be a way for the promotion of your business.

A simple phone call gives you the ability to make a true connection with your target audience or prospect. You’re 4.2x more likely to get an appointment if you have a personal connection with a buyer.

Try to be specific in how you target your customers. Timing is a very important factor.

Final Words!

As you can see These advertising methods are an integral part of our daily life.  

Whether you are looking for the promotional strategy for your business which is already established or is in novice stage – Use a part of your budget in old traditional advertising techniques, which can deliver you with better results over some digital marketing techniques!

Be a smart marketer and integrate your traditional advertising with digital marketing. It will help your marketing strategy to reach a number of audiences.

No matter what niche you have, the most successful advertisements are those that are the most relevant to your target audience.

Do you use any traditional advertising method for your business? Please share your valuable views here.

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