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How to Use Content Marketing for Your eCommerce Brand

Are you running an eCommerce business?

Do you know the importance of content marketing for your brand?

If you’re a serious e-commerce marketer or business owner, you just can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

As Brian Clark said,

“These days, people want to learn before they buy, be educated instead of pitched.”

Content plays an important role when it comes to the online marketing. Content Is King!

Any business or industry can use the power of content marketing.

Either, it is the marketing campaign of any sort or it is the eCommerce solution, the content marketing plays a pivotal role in the better branding campaign of the business.

Content marketing can increase the conversion rate to almost 6 times. Check this chart:

Average Conversion Rate Websites

With great content, great values and higher trust can be established. The content helps in the establishment of the better trust and engages the prospective customers towards the brand. And offers a genuine chance to the business to better promote the products among the target market.

Content plays a big buzz around in the market of digital marketing and holds an integral part in the eCommerce solutions, too.

Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs found that 77% of B2C companies are currently using content marketing.


B2C Content Marketing

Here are some of the ways for the effective Content marketing for your eCommerce brand, which can give your eCommerce a success in the niche:

Set a goal

Setting a goal for your marketing campaign helps you in the determination of how to use the content in an effective way.

Set a goal and creating content based on the specific goal is a much better idea to best use the content for your marketing campaign.

Try to improve customer engagement with the content and analyze how much your content is driving the readers towards the specific goal as set by you.

Setting a goal and creating the content meant to fulfill the goal, can be considered as the best strategy for your content marketing for your eCommerce business.

Create how-to videos and its guides

One of the most effective ways to hook your customers towards your products is the use of ‘How to videos’.

Explaining the products features and its usage through the how-to videos can be an engaging technique to attract your customers. It leads to a sort of advice for the customers on how to better use the products, available at your eCommerce solutions.

Going in a broad way, you can even create a large amount of content, which is informational and knowledgeable for the people and extends just beyond your products.

This sort of technique can attract more new potential customers and can even motivate towards the new customers for your products and brand.

Use the power of teaching and imparting knowledge to others to gain more for your eCommerce solutions.

Do you wonder why Video is so important for your content marketing strategy? See this infographic from IMPACT:

infograhic video promotion

Answer your FAQs

Many eCommerce solutions have a page for FAQs, which helps customers to get the instant solutions to their queries.

The presence of FAQs helps an eCommerce solution towards better branding and ensures that you care for your customers. The creation of the content in a better and more helpful manner for this purpose, in a way attracts the customers and creates a positive vibe among them.

Always keep a fact in mind that your customers have questions in mind and you should answer them creatively and in a helpful manner.

Use the power of photos and visual content

Having a high definition collection of photos for your products is most important for an eCommerce solution.

As any eCommerce solution is based on the products, no goal can be accomplished without the use of photos (and that too, of higher quality!). Using those photos in a proper order and studding them with the content, can be a good combination for your content marketing.

Combine really useful content with the beautiful and well optimized and well-placed images.

Content with relevant images gets 94% more views. Visuals are the vital elements of your online success. See here:

Visuals Quicksprout

(Source: Quicksprout)

Use of informational and factual Content

Using facts and data during the creation of content can be a good choice if you want to provide your customers with something really interesting and meaningful.

Revolving the customers again and again in the same boring content can be a negative effect and any prospective readers can keep them aloof from your content, the next time.

Thus, offer your readers something interesting every time you come up with the content and allure them towards the content to gain something new and informational. Presenting your customers really out of world facts and data keeps your content interesting and binding. And you can gain more prospective readers, the next time you create content.

Any eCommerce solution can rise to the pinnacle of its success with the best use of the contents. Boost your search result, motivate your customers and build your brand and increase your sales – all with the help of content!

Are you using content marketing techniques? Which is the most valuable type of content for you? If you have something to share with us, please do drop in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading the post.

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