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Various Tools That Make Content Marketing Easier

Today, content marketing has become a highly competitive arena. Many businesses around the world are struggling to devise strategies for engaging their audience with a content which is interesting and profitable for the target clientele. So, what is content marketing? Content Marketing is a kind of marketing that focuses on the creation and sharing of content targeting a particular group of audience online. The content can be social media posts, videos, blogs, and so on.

You have to invest wisely in today’s competitive market to make your brand gather the attention of public. It is also equally important to constantly examine how your content marketing strategies are functioning against the industry standards. So, the effective implementation of a content marketing strategy is a significant component of your business success.

Your content marketing strategy must deliver informative, fresh, and unique content that attracts your target audience. An informative, unique, and fresh content always drives the audience to engage with your brand. In this article, I will share with you the tools we use to perform content marketing effectively.


You must look to buzzsumo for insights driven by analytics if you want to determine which influencers or online outlets are acquiring the most traction in your space. BuzzSumo will populate the most influential, most social, and highest ranking content that is trending on the web and matches your search terms. With the help of buzzsumo, you can find much better ways of titling your content and locate where to advertise depending on relevant audience reach. You can also find trending and hot content about a topic, content to curate and share, targets for quality guest posting, and so on.

There are three plans available for buzzsumo. They are Enterprise, Agency, and Pro. Pro is a starter plan for bloggers and small teams. Agency teams can opt for Agency plan where they can acquire the Facebook Analyzer and all the Pro features. Enterprise is a highly preferred plan by publishers and brands which require advanced functionality for large teams.


HubSpot is a developer and marketer of tools for inbound marketing platforms. It consists of many tools for creating and monitoring effective blog posts, efficient customer support, and landing pages. It also provides third-party services like extensions and templates. HubSpot has the capabilities for message-scheduling and social media analytics. So, when you are done with creating your content, it can publish to your social media channels in a seamless manner. HubSpot also provides social media best practices, white papers on content marketing, and various helpful marketing tools.


If you are creating a high-quality content, you must make sure it contains a high-quality headline as well. If you analyze the content in The State of Digital Media, you can obtain insights into the details of what makes a decent headline. You must make sure you are creating those efficient headlines constantly with the Headline Analyzer of CoSchedule. This tool score your headline depending on the overall keywords, word sentiment, length and balance. It also offers an email subject line preview and Google search preview so that you exactly know how your content will appear to readers.

Other Content Marketing Tools

Mixpanel measures actions like shares or searches instead of measuring pageviews to obtain greater insight into the behavior of a user. Docalytics is a platform based on cloud and it measures the conversion rates, impact of mobile and social media on website traffic, and more. Trialfire is a visual editor for analytics and it helps marketers in circumventing coding their website to put tracking on different pages.

Nuvi is a content marketing tool that provides data visualizations in real-time. It depicts social chatter in a manner that is easy to show to others as well as understand. Trendspottr utilizes real-time data for locating trending topics on social media platforms before they become famous. TrackMaven accumulates information about your peers from all the social media platforms into a single platform. Simply Measured examines social media posts on nine distinct platforms. It is also helpful in creating comprehensive reports like competitor competition analysis.

You can acquire insights into the competitor content across the social media platforms with Zuum. This tool determines popular influencers and viral content. SumAll measures your eCommerce, websites, and social channels. Alexa is a web traffic tool that offers global rankings and traffic data for commercial websites. Full Circle Insights is a tool used for marketing performance management and it provides the users of Salesforce with insights into their overall marketing impact.


You won’t become a great content marketer by using these tools but they will help you in getting there. We require ways to find content ideas, make infographics, send emails, track hashtags, and many more. The content marketing tools will automate the monotonous components of your work and help you in focusing on the creation of an awesome content.

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