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Startup SEO in 2017

What Every Startup Must Know about SEO in 2017

Every startup must know how to better use the unexplored options available in the market for the better branding.

We must understand that every startup is in need of better stand out to capture more footfalls and more customers to better start off their initiative.

As a small business or a startup, every business is not truly excited by the concept of SEO as the concerns are always there for many unknown and fresh, regarding the huge options available in the field of digital marketing.

Hubspot did a research and found that businesses top marketing challenge is – Generating traffic and potential leads.

marketing challenges

And SEO can help you to generate targeted traffic and grab the potential leads.

If you’re still wondering, what’s the importance of SEO for your business. Take a look at these numbers:

The first position on Google search results on desktop has a 34.36% clickthrough rate. (Hubspot)

Andrey Lipattsev, Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google said that high quality content and link building are the two most important signals used by Google to rank your website for search. (Search Engine Watch)

66% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority. (Hubspot)

B2B marketers were more likely to have their blogs mobile-optimized (62%), when compared to B2C marketers (51%) in order to improve SEO. (Social Media Examiner)

43% of mobile voice search users do so because they say it is quicker than going on a website or using an app. (Statista)

As these numbers show how important SEO is for your startup.

Thus, for those startups, here we present some facts, which every business must know about SEO in this fresh year of 2017.

SEO is a long term investment

Never rush in for the results through SEO. SEO is a long term investment, which gradually gives you the results.

The results might not be as compelling as you are in need of, but the overall impact of the SEO is very high and invisibly, it creates a better branding and generates a buzz around in the market with the passing times.

Just focus on the better digital marketing for your startup and result will come to you gradually. Some of the blog states that the SEO is a very slow yielding process; there is a truth in this claim, but the extent of the slowness is not that high, which most often portrayed in those blogs. It’s a time taking, but long staying process.

SEO is too technical concept

As the myth says, that the SEO is a very technical concept; the ultimate face of reality is quite different.

Search Engine Optimization is not that too technical concept and one can quite easily understand the basic fundamentals of SEO, the ways of how it works, and how the results can be gathered through SEO. You can even quite easily learn and apply the concepts of SEO on your own.

Are rankings everything in SEO?

The old notion that SEO is useful to gain higher rankings only has changed in the past few years.

Focus of SEO is not just the bringing websites on the top of the SERP and a lot has changed ever since, in terms of results and benefits when we talk about SEO.

SEO of 2017 and the past few years are not rank based results, but the main focus of it has changed towards better branding, with the use of better techniques and more focused on brand improvement and creation of positive vibes about the business.

SEO is an approach towards customer focused work

Business calls for their customers. Every business needs customers. SEO helps a lot in providing that needed customer base to the businesses.

Best part of SEO is that the SEO is highly focused on customers. Even as it affects the results on the SERP, the whole concept of SEO revolves around customers as the SERP are those which are used by customers.

Better are the results on the SERP, the more are the customers which can be captured by the business concerned. SEO creates a more professional approach to the business and helps in driving ahead of it in this competitive age.

SEO is all about results analysis

SEO has a great impact when taken very wisely and skillfully. SEO tells a lot about the business and how it should be carried out to better capture market. The rankings are the highlights when the results of SEO are talked about.

However, more than the rankings, it tells a lot more about the business. The rankings are the reflection of the troubles and effectiveness of SEO Problems associated with the websites.

Outcomes like conversions, engagements, and others are the part of SEO. Which tells a lot about how the business is faring in the market and what calls for the better customers’ attraction towards it.

SEO tells where the business is lacking in the eyes of the customers. And what can be used for the more engagement of the customers. Analyze the results more minutely and deeply and get the results of SEO is a more effective manner for your startups.

Decision you make regarding the promotion of the startup may be the decisive one and the failure and success of the business can entirely depend on it.

Search Engine Optimization is not a magical solution for your business, but still, it has many elements to surprise you for your business improvement.

While SEO takes some time to deliver results, once the results start coming in, the effects are long lasting.

Search Engine Optimization provides you with the best analysis for your business. And delivers you with some really impactful tips for the speedy progress in the competitive era. Especially if you are a startup. Go for SEO in 2017 and give your startup a chance to emerge as the winner in the market!

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